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IP56 rain test box

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First, the use of equipment
Waterproof test chamber is suitable for testing whether the equipment and components can be guaranteed in rainy environments by evaluating electrical products, housings and seals. This product is scientifically designed to enable the device to realistically simulate dripping, watering, splashing, spraying and other environments. Into the comprehensive control system and the use of variable frequency technology, so that the rainfall test frame swing angle, the swing angle of the spray lever and the frequency of water spray swing can be automatically adjusted.
Second, the standard basis: GB4208-2008, GB2423.38, IPX5, IPX6 equivalent
Third, the structure of the principle:
The basic design principle of this equipment: the bottom of a water tank through the right control box inside the stainless steel pump pump pump pumping and pressurized and then sent to the side sprinkler device nozzle, nozzle constant spray water to the sample above the turntable, and then scattered into the inside of the water tank, thus forming a water circulation system. Pump outlet design flow meter, pressure gauge, solenoid valve and other control elements. The interior box mounts a waterproof turntable speed controlled on the panel.

Technical parameters:
1.The size of the test chamber: 800 x 800 x 800 mm
2.Test box size: approx. 1100 x 1500 x 1700mm
3.The high-pressure sprinkler pipe is mounted on the left side, welded with stainless steel, connected to the box, and a bracket is installed before and after the sprinkler pipe

Height is adjustable.
4, spray system: by the water pump, water pressure gauge, fixed nozzle support composition
5, the installation of 2 sprinklers, of which IP6 sprinklers 1, IP5 sprinklers one.
6, pipe diameter: six points joint plastic PVC tube
7, the hole diameter: 6.3mm, IP5 (grade), 12.5mm, IP6 (grade)
8, spray pressure: 80-150kpa (according to flow regulation)
9, spray flow: IP5 (grade) 12.5±0.625 (L/min), IP6 (grade) 100±5 (L/min)
10, turntable: 300mm touch screen can show the turntable speed
11, spray duration: 3, 10, 30, 9999min (adjustable)
12, running time control: 1 to 9999min (adjustable)
13, water circulation system, to ensure the recycling of water sources
14, spray pressure gauge, can show the spray pressure
15, control system: "Kesionots" touch screen control system.
16, test outdoor box by stainless steel plate as waterproof wall, stainless steel square pass as a bracket.

V. Materials:
1.Nozzle: 304 stainless steel tube
2, water tank: 304 stainless steel
3, frame material: 201 stainless steel square pass, sand surface (professional pull)
4, electrical control accessories select Zhengtai, Taiwan Shi Research, Fuji, Japan and other well-known brands

Six, the structure material:
1, nozzle: 304 stainless steel pipe
2, nozzle: SUS304 stainless steel plate
1.Table: SUS304 stainless steel
2.IP56 in vivo bracket: stainless steel square pass, PVC tube
5, electrical control accessories select Zhengtai, Schneider, Dexi, Fuji and other international well-known brands
6, high-power pump 2.2KW multiple solenoid valves to control the waterway.
7, IP56 control system with the operation, IP level can choose to test.
8, the total power of the equipment 3.5KW
9, the equipment required voltage: 380V
Seven, configuration list:

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