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IP34 rain test box

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First, product introduction: This product adopts scientific design, so that the equipment can realistic simulation warehouse leakage, such as their respective environment. 

Second, product use: suitable for transportation, storage or use may be washed during the electrical electronic products, these water sources in heavy rain, wind and rain, sprinkler system, wheel splash, flush or violent waves, this product is scientifically designed to enable the equipment to realistic simulation drip, water, splash, spray and other environments. Into the comprehensive control system and the use of variable frequency technology, so that the rainfall test frame swing angle, the swing angle of the spray lever and the frequency of water spray swing can be automatically adjusted

Third, in line with the standard:

1.  GB4208-2008 housing protection class

2.  GB10485-2006 Environmental durability of external lighting and optical signaling devices for road vehicles

3.  GB4942-2006 The overall structure of the rotary motor is graded with a rating of protection

4.  GB/T 2423.38 Electrical electronics environmental test

5.  GB/T 2424.23 Electrical electronic products environmental test water test guidelines

Fourth, technical parameters

1. Product name:IP34 rain test box Model: KS-IP34-LY1000L

1. Nominal content product: 1000L

2. Inner box size: D 1000×W 1000× H 1000mm

3. Size: D 1200×W 1500× H 1950 (whichever is actual).

2. Parameters

1. Test bench turn (rpm): 1 to 3 adjustable

2. Turntable diameter (mm): 400

3. Swing radius (mm): 400

4. Carrying KG: 10KG

5. Sprinkler radius: 400mm

6. Sprinkler swing angle range: 120 degrees 320 degrees (setable)

7. Water spray hole diameter (mm): 0.4

8. Flow per waterjet hole: 0.07 L/min .5%.

9. Spray pressure (Kpa): 80-150

10. Swing swing: Maximum ± 160 degrees

11. Sprinkler swing speed: IP3 15 times/min; IP4 5 times/min

12. The distance between the test sample and the test equipment is: 200mm

13. Water source and consumption: pure water or distilled water 8 liters/day

14. Controller: Independent development of PLC touch screen controller

15. Sprinkler system: 18 sprinklers

16. Inner box material: SUS304- rust-free mirror fog steel plate

3. Electrical control

1. Electrical controller: LCD touch key controller

2. Test time: 999S adjustable

3. Speed control: the use of variable frequency governor or stepper motor, smooth speed control, high control accuracy

4. Pressure gauge: Dial pressure gauge shows the pressure of each single column of test grades

5. Flow meter: Digital water flow metering, showing the flow rate of each single column of test level

6. Flow pressure control: the use of manual valves to control flow and pressure, digital flow meters to indicate flow, stainless steel case spring pressure gauges to indicate pressure

7. Preset test time: 0S to 99H59M59S any adjustable

4. Use the environment

1. Ambient temperature: RT to 50 degrees C (average temperature within 24H≤ 28 degrees C

2. Ambient humidity: ≤85% RH

3. Power supply: AC220V three-phase four-wire plus protective ground wire, protective ground wire ground resistance is less than 4 o, requires the user to configure the corresponding capacity of the equipment at the installation site air or power switch, and this switch must be independent and dedicated for the use of this equipment

4. Power: about 6KW

5. Outer box material: SUS202 stainless steel plate or cold plate spray molding

6. Protection system: leakage, short circuit, water shortage, motor overheating protection

V. Structure and characteristics

This rain test box selected high-quality materials, the use of the most advanced processing equipment processing molding, shell surface spray molding treatment, beautiful, flat. Color coordination, arc design, smooth and natural lines. The inner bile is made of imported high-quality stainless steel plate. Indoor sample racks and other accessories are made of stainless steel or copper materials, reasonable design, durable. Under the premise that the equipment conforms to national standards, all aspects of performance are stable on the basis of more practical and easy to control.

Sixth, rain test box circuit control and protection system

1, this equipment using imported inverter control speed, effectively ensure that the test according to the standard operation;

2, swing tube, rotary tube and turntable independent control system;

3, time setting control several independent systems;

4, imported execution components;

5, equipped with water filter;

6, no fuse protection switch;

7, overload, leakage, full sheath terminals;

8, with automatic shutdown and other protection;

Seven, accessories list

serial number name Origin / Brand remark
1 Control the meter Kunlun Tongtai 1
2 AC contactor Zhengtai 1
3 Intermediate relay Schneider 1
4 Solid state relay Schneider 1
5 Time relay Domestic 1
6 sensor Domestic 1
7 With light button Domestic 1
8 Fuse Domestic 1
9 The total power switch Mingwei, Taiwan 1
10 water pump Guangzhou brand 1


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