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IPX9K-F3 power battery high temperature high pressure rain test room
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IPX9K-F3 power battery high temperature high pressure rain test room

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Equipment name:IPX9K-F3 power battery high temperature high pressure rain test room


The battery under test



First, technical indicators
The laboratory consists of a test bench, a reservoir, a control box, a product dewatering buffer, and a spray system.
Key technical parameters:
1, room size: 4000 × 3500 × deep 1500mm (test room material for 304 stainless steel pass and stainless steel plate and tempered glass design welded. Outside the room size: 5300X deep 5500X high 4500MM
2, the maximum sample: long x wide x high s 2200mm x 1500mm x 500mm
3, spray system: by an Italian high-pressure high-temperature pump, high-pressure high-temperature water pressure gauge, high-pressure high-temperature solenoid valve, high-pressure high-temperature hydraulic pipe composition.
5, pipe diameter: six points
6, jet water temperature: 30-80 degrees can be set
7, jet water pressure: 80 to 100bar (8000 to 10000Kpa) 100 kg
8, spray flow: 14 to 16L/min
9, water spray distance: 10 to 15cm
10, water spray angle and time: perpendicular to the sample surface, 10-15Cm from the sample
11, water spray time: 30S/m2 (can be set).
12, run time control: 1min to 9999min (adjustable).
13, water circulation system, to ensure the recycling of water
14, by the water surface: the top surface of the product and the surrounding side
15, spray pressure gauge, can show the spray pressure
16, control system: Teelong independent research and development touch screen control system.
17. The test outdoor box is made of tempered glass as a waterproof wall and stainless steel as a support.
18. Heating tank size: 1.5X0.5x0.5 m high (insulation box).
19. Sample car carrying: 2 tons
20. Number of nozzles: 2 mounted on top of the spray sample top surface, one spray sample around the plane
21. Injection trajectory: to run S-type trajectory as the principle of injection motion, the use of four servo motor design robotic arm to complete the five-sided water spray, to 30S per M2 meters as the basic reference test time, can set the entire track walk time, in 150-300S (5 square meters) can be set, set according to the product form factor length width and height input size, the robot system automatically completed the test run track orderly test. The test completes the arm back to the origin device sound and light prompt.
22. Safety fire protection system: during the test process, the battery pack for some reason, the device can be a set of lift control system to put down the sample completely immersed in water to extinguish the fire, while adding water to the water tank, to maintain enough water to add water to the battery pack, the outer wall of the inner box around the design of sprinkler spray water for the inner tank cooling, while turning on the smoke system buck exhaust and sound and light alarm.
23. Sample placement: First, the use of forklift samples and unloading samples, forklift customers bring their own (forklifts to provide specifications), and second, the use of aircraft crane lifting samples moved to the equipment door, and then please manual sample car to advance to test space. The system prompts for formal testing after closing.
24. Pure water system: 50L/H pure water equipment, water for heating, jet water recycling.
Structure material:
1, nozzle: 304 stainless steel hydraulic pipe
2, water tank:304 stainless steel
3, electrical control accessories using Schneider, Omron, Dexi, Fuji and other internationally renowned brands
Heating system:
1.Heating system
Heating wire used at high frequency is very important in this system, improper material selection of heating tube, short service life, easy to produce funnel short circuit phenomenon, for high-demand users is extremely inconvenient and distressed, and seriously affect the production inspection progress. To this end, the company developed the latest new ceramic heating rack, ceramic materials resistant to high temperature, good insulation, will not produce short circuit leakage phenomenon, the middle through the German imported heat wire, thick wire diameter, high temperature resistance, dry burning resistance. In the middle of the heat wire inserted quartz glass tube, its important function is to prevent hot wire burning red, soft and falling and the production of heat wire and inner box metal contact to produce short circuit and other failures. This technology is the first in China.



Water tank heating tube


Italian principle imports high temperature and high pressure pumps


High temperature and high pressure electronic flow meter


Hydraulic calibration sensing





Power on the home page

Run the interface


The parameter interface


List of materials


name unit Brand and origin   quantity remark
Touch screen controller platform Siemens 1  

AC contactor piece Snyder, France 1  

Intermediate relay piece

      Snyder, France


filter piece Taiwan 1  

Turntable motor  

       Taiwan Chenggang


sensor piece Yangming, Taiwan 1  

Stainless steel with lamp button piece Shanghai Red Wave 1  

Fuse piece Fuji 1  

The total power switch piece Snyder, France 1  

High-pressure solenoid valve piece Italian MV 5  

Link the lines strip 304 stainless steel hydraulic tube 5 Teelong
PLC controller piece Siemens 1  

Electronic flow meter piece Kunlun industrial control 1  

Electronic pressure sensor piece Hua Maoxing 1  

Stir the motor platform Taiwan Chenggang 1  

Casters piece Taiwan is proud 4  

Plunger pump piece HAWK 1


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