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Technical proposal for hot and cold impact test chamber (two boxes of water-cooled).
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Technical proposal for hot and cold impact test chamber (two boxes of water-cooled).

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(Reference map of the test area, subject to the actual product)



I. Product use
The thermal shock test machine is a way to test whether the product will be adversely affected by the rapid changes of high and low temperature due to the immobile object of the test. It is a necessary test for the metal, plastic, rubber, electrical and electronic, auto parts and other material industries. equipment.

Second, meet the standards
GB/T 2423.1-2001 Test A: Low temperature test method
GB/T 2423.2-2001 Test B: High temperature test method
GB/T 2423.22-2002 Test N: Temperature Change Test Method Test Na GJB 150.3-1986 High Temperature Test
GJB 150.4-1986 Low temperature test
GJB 150.5-1986 temperature shock test
GB/T 5170.2-1996 temperature test equipment

Three, technical indicators (referring to water-cooled type, at water temperature +25℃, when no load)
1. Model: KS-LR150-2A
2. Inner box size: 600×500×500mm (W*H*D)
3. Dimensions: about 1400×2200×2200mm (W*H*D) subject to actual size
4. Temperature shock range: -40~120℃
5. High temperature setting: +60℃ ~ +120℃
6. Low temperature setting: -40℃ ~ -70℃
7. Impact reset time: -40~120℃ about 5min
8. Hanging basket conversion time: ≤8S
9. High and low temperature impact constant temperature time: more than 30min
10. Temperature setting range of high temperature tank: +60℃~+200℃
11. Low temperature tank temperature setting range: -70℃ ~ -10℃
12. Temperature fluctuation in sample area: ±1℃ (at constant temperature)
13. Temperature deviation: ± 2℃ (no load, at constant state)
14. Temperature accuracy range: setting accuracy: ±0.1℃, indication accuracy: ±0.1℃, resolution: ±0.1℃
15. Sample storage rack: stainless steel SUS 304# 2 storage trays
16. Compressed air source: please provide a compressed air source above 5kg/cm2
17. Safety devices: over-temperature protection, motor overload protection, compressor high-voltage protection switch, compressor over-heat protection switch, compressor over-current protection, over-voltage under-phase protection switch, leakage circuit breaker, cooling water abnormal protection
18. Equipment power supply conditions: Voltage: 380V AC(±10%), single-phase wire + protective earth wire, grounding resistance ≤4Ω; frequency: 50±0.5Hz
Power switch: air switch (80A prohibits the use of knife switches or power sockets);
The user is required to configure an air or power switch with corresponding capacity for the equipment at the installation site, and this switch must be used independently for the equipment; power: 32kw; maximum current: 80A

IV. Product structure

1. Cabinet structure Built-in high temperature zone, low temperature zone, loop air duct and stainless steel loop fan, by switching the basket, the test product is sent to the heat and cold space; so as to achieve rapid temperature change and uniform indoor temperature distribution
2. Inner box material Stainless steel plate
3. Outer box material Stainless steel
4. Insulation material High temperature tank: 24k glass wool
Low temperature tank: PU foam + glass wool
5. Heater Bare wire electric heater
6. Air circulation system a. TECO Motor    b. Stainless steel elongated shaft      c. Multi-wing fan (SIROCCO FAN)
7. Box door Single-piece door  a. Flat embedded handle    b. Rear button: SUS 304#    c. Silicone styrofoam strip

V. Refrigeration system

1. Compressor German Bock semi-hermetic compressor or German Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor
2. Refrigerant Non-fluorine environmentally friendly refrigerant R404A R23, in line with environmental protection regulations, safe and non-toxic 
3. Condenser Shell and tube condenser (water-cooled)
4. Evaporator High-performance fin type automatic load capacity adjustment, can be used for a long time under low temperature and high humidity conditions without frosting
5. Other attachments High-precision expansion valve, oil separator, desiccant and other components are all internationally renowned
Original brand imported
6. Refrigerant flow control Refrigeration system with automatic adjustment of energy consumption output control
7. Refrigeration process Full implementation of nitrogen shielded welding, two-stage rotary vane pump for vacuuming, to ensure that the interior of the refrigeration system is clean and reliable;  
The bottom of the compressor is designed with a water receiving plate, and the condensed water is discharged to the outside of the box through the drain pipe at the rear of the box.

VI. Controller

1. Control element  1) Controller:
The 7-inch color LCD touch control screen and PLC module can display the setting parameters, time, heater, compressor and other working status. At the same time, it has the functions of automatic test operation and PID parameter self-tuning. The setting of the control parameters adopts the Chinese interface, and the automatic operation function of the refrigerator can be realized only by setting the temperature. The control system uses an intelligent control software system, which can automatically combine the working conditions of the cooling and heating subsystems, so as to ensure high-precision control in the entire temperature range and achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction. The perfect detection device can automatically perform detailed fault display and alarm. For example, when the test chamber is abnormal, the controller automatically displays the fault status. Equipped with RS232 or RS485 interface to connect to the computer. After connecting the machine, the computer can realize the continuous monitoring of the equipment operation, temperature and other parameters.
2) Screen display: set temperature, measured temperature, total running time, segment running time, heating status, cooling status
3) Resolution: temperature 0.1℃, time 1min;  
4) Operation mode: constant operation, program operation, scheduled startup;
5) Test data memory: set temperature, measured temperature, running time, etc.; running data record, curve display and historical data record;
6) Automatic selection of refrigeration operating conditions: The controller can automatically configure the operating conditions or start/stop of the refrigerator according to the test conditions; 7) Fault information: When an abnormality occurs, the fault status will be displayed in Chinese.
2. Screen display function 7-inch LED backlit display screen
Chinese/English language switching display, true color touch input
Each cabinet temperature setting (SV), actual (PV) value is directly displayed;
Can display the execution program number , current segment function , remaining time and cycle times, running time display;
Program editing and graphic curve display;
Automatic prompt for defrost;
When the program is executed, the graph curve can be displayed in real time, the segment can be skipped, and the function can be maintained;
The failure is automatically prompted, and there is a corresponding solution prompt.
3. Control resolution Temperature: + 0.1℃; Time: 1min.
4. Operation mode High temperature first → low temperature  
Low temperature first → high temperature   
High temperature first → low temperature + normal temperature mode  
First low temperature → high temperature + normal temperature mode
5. Program capacity Usable program capacity: 120 groups at most; time setting: 99 hours and 59 minutes per segment;
6. Setting method The man-machine dialogue mode adopts touch input and control.
7. Communication interface Can be connected to a computer to display curves and data collection;
Can be used as a monitoring and remote control system;
Can do multiple machines synchronous control;
RS-232 (standard); RS-485, Ethernet (optional).
8. Power off memory function The power-off recovery mode can be set as: hot start/cold start/stop.
9. Schedule boot function The power-on time can be set at will, after turning on the power, the machine will run automatically when the time is up.
10. Software use environment Simplified Chinese WindowsXP or Simplified Chinese Windows 7/WIN8 operating system.
11. Intelligent and humanized functions Stop after defrost, hold function, interrupt function, parameter automatic error correction function, over-temperature multiple protection function, damper not open protection, etc.

Seven. Control Panel
a. Emergency stop switch b. Power switch c. 1 USB interface

Eight, equipment use conditions
1. The ground is flat and well ventilated;
2. There is no strong vibration around the equipment;
3. There is no strong electromagnetic field around the equipment;
4. There are no flammable, explosive, corrosive substances and dust around the equipment;
5. There is a drainage floor drain near the equipment;
6. Ground load-bearing capacity of the site: not less than 800kg/㎡;
7. Environmental conditions: temperature: 20℃~28℃; relative humidity: ≤ 85%; air pressure: 86kpa~106kpa;
8. Cooling water temperature: circulating cooling water temperature: ≤+30℃;
9. Cooling water pressure: circulating cooling water supply pressure: 0.25MPa~0.4MPa; the design and construction of the cooling water pipeline system should ensure that the pressure at the inlet of the refrigerator is 0.25MPa~0.4MPa under the rated flow; the outlet of the refrigerator is cooled The pressure drop of the water tower is not more than 0.05 MPa;
10. Flow rate: 12t/h, (if the circulating chilled water of the air conditioning system is used, please specify in advance);
11. The buyer’s own air source (compressed air): (5~7) kg/c㎡; the diameter of the connecting pipe: ∮8mm;
12. Requirements for storage environment: When the equipment is not working, the temperature of the environment should be kept within 0℃~+45℃. When the environment temperature is lower than 0℃, the water stored in the equipment should be drained to avoid water in the pipeline. The icing swells and damages the pipe.


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