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A manufacturer with many years of research and development, design and production of environmental testing machines, with strong experience and cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign companies, products are exported to many countries and regions in the world.

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Air-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber

Product serial number
First, the use of products
The use of xenon arc lamps that can simulate the full solar spectrum to reproduce destructive light waves in different environments can provide the corresponding environmental simulation and acceleration test basis for scientific research, product development and quality control. The aging test is carried out by exposing the material sample to the light and thermal radiation of the xenon arc lamp. To evaluate the light resistance and weather resistance of some materials under the action of high temperature light source. Mainly used in paints, coatings, rubber, plastics, pigments, adhesives, fabrics, cosmetics, aerospace, ships, automobiles, electronics, packaging industry.

Second, in line with the standards

ISO10SB02/B04-SAEJ2527-SAEJ2412-DIN 75220


Model KS-SF80 KS-SF-270 KS-SF-500 KS-SF-100
Inner box size (WDH)mm 700*400*300 600*600*800 800*800*800 1000*1000*1000
Carton size (WDH)mm 900*900*1900 1200*1110*1950 1400*1310*200 1600*1510*2200
Temperature range RT+10℃-70℃


Blackboard temperature  40-100°C (adjustable)
Humidity range 30%-80%RH
Rain time

1~9999 hours 59 minutes adjustable

Rain cycle

1~240 minutes, adjustable interval (break)

Spectral wavelength Ultraviolet 420NM band
Xenon lamp radiation intensity 0.55-1.2W/m2     Accuracy≦±2W/m2
Spectral wavelength Ultraviolet 340NM band
Xenon lamp radiation intensity 0.35-0.7W/m2     Accuracy≦±5W/m2
Spectral wavelength Full spectrum 290-800NM band
Xenon lamp radiation intensity 550W/m2     Accuracy≦±10W/m2
Xenon lamp tube power 2.5KW (air-cooled full solar spectrum long arc xenon lamp) X 3pcs
Xenon light source 3 air-cooled lamps
Distance from arc center to specimen 300mm effective exposure area≥ 3000cm2


Sample rack 750*600mm*1PCS
Temperature and humidity operation control system Water spray system The spraying time can be set for 59 minutes, and the spraying time can be set for 999 minutes.
Accuracy range Setting/indicating accuracy: temperature 0.1℃, humidity 1%RH
Temperature and humidity sensor Platinum resistance.PT100Ω/MV

 Heating System

Fully independent system, nickel-chromium alloy electric heating heater
Humidification system External isolation type, all stainless steel shallow surface evaporative humidifier
Blackboard temperature Bimetal Blackboard Thermometer
Temperature controller Using Kunlun Tongtai touch screen and Xinje PLC module control
Circulatory system Temperature-resistant and low-noise air-conditioning motor. Multi-blade centrifugal wind wheel
Materials used Outer box material High-quality carbon steel plate, phosphate electrostatic spray treatment/SUS304 stainless steel matte line hairline treatment
Inner box material SUS304 high quality stainless steel light plate
Sample rack material SUS304 high quality stainless steel bar
Door frame insulation High and low temperature aging resistance silicone rubber door sealing strip
Sun Eye

German chip design “Kesionots” intelligent irradiation induction loop system. Automatically correct the irradiation intensity setting value. High temperature resistance, high humidity resistance, shell 304 material design and production.

Standard configuration 1 set of anti-radiation glass window, 3 xenon lamp tubes
Security protection Leakage, short circuit, over temperature, water shortage, motor overheating, over current protection
Power supply voltage AC380V±10% 50±0.5Hz three-phase five-wire system


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