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UV ultraviolet accelerated aging test box
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UV ultraviolet accelerated aging test box

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I. Product introduction
UV ultraviolet accelerated aging test box is suitable for the fluorescent ultraviolet lamp method in the light source exposure method of various materials in the laboratory, mainly for the change of the material placed outdoors, the new material to improve the formula and the durability of the product Sex test, etc.

II. Product overview and features
The UV ultraviolet accelerated aging test box adopts fluorescent ultraviolet lamps that can best simulate the UV spectrum of the sun, and combines temperature control and humidity supply devices to simulate the discoloration, brightness, and intensity reduction of materials; Cracking, peeling, chalking, oxidation and other factors such as high temperature, high humidity, condensation, dark cycle and other factors such as damage to sunlight (UV section), and at the same time, the synergy between ultraviolet light and moisture makes the material's light resistance or moisture resistance weakened or It is invalid, so it is widely used to evaluate the weather resistance of materials. The equipment provides the best sunlight UV simulation, low maintenance cost, easy to use, the equipment adopts a program controller to automatically run the test cycle, high degree of automation, and good lighting stability , The test results have the characteristics of high reproducibility.

Three. Structure
3.1 Ultraviolet fluorescent lamp:
The equipment uses a total of 8 UVA-340 fluorescent ultraviolet lamps, each 40W, which is suitable for comparing the performance of different types of polymers and stabilizers. It is also the best choice for correlation research. UVA-340 is in QC and R&D It plays an important role in the test of strong and durable materials. It can accelerate the test and quickly provide evaluation results.
A. Tube installation: UV lamps are fragile products, so the products are packaged separately when they leave the factory. Special care should be taken during installation to avoid unnecessary losses. During installation, open the test compartment cover and the replacement ports on both sides of the lamp tube after the equipment is powered off, insert the alignment seal ring of the ultraviolet fluorescent lamp, and then push the lamp tube to insert the seal ring on the opposite side of the lamp alignment, and finally adjust the lamp. Seal caps at both ends of the tube and install the lamp power supply connector. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the surface of the lamp used to prevent it from affecting the irradiance of the lamp. If there is pollution, wipe the surface with alcohol. The spare tube should be stored in a ventilated, dry and non-corrosive environment.
B. Maintenance of lamp radiation: due to long-term use, the output light energy of fluorescent ultraviolet lamps will gradually attenuate, so that the expected effect will not be achieved. When the light energy radiation is too low (when the uv lamp ignition time is accumulated to 400~450h ), the user should replace the eight lamps as shown in Figure 3 to ensure the performance of the equipment.
See Figure 3

3.2. Temperature control system:
3.2.1. The system adopts the communication control of Siemens PLC imported from Japan and domestic text display, which is convenient and intuitive to operate.
3.2.2. The A/D control module is used for PID temperature and humidity adjustment to ensure the accuracy of temperature (humidity) control. Multi-point failure and information display are convenient for inspection and troubleshooting.
3.3. Humidity supply system:
The humidification system is composed of a sink, a humidification system, etc., through the mechanism of moisture condensation, the exposed surface of the sample is moistened, simulating rain, high humidity, condensation and synergistically with sunlight (UV) to create the best test environment.
3.4. Specimen carrying device:
The equipment sample carrying device is located on the uniform radiation surface of the UV lamp and consists of an aluminum alloy cabinet-type base frame, which can carry 21 pieces of standard samples (75 mm×200 mm×1.5mm) or customized fixtures according to customer samples
3.5. Protection system:
The equipment has protection systems such as water shortage, anti-dry burning, over temperature, short circuit, and overload, which are located in the electric control panel and the electric control cabinet.
After entering the alarm state, the power supply of the equipment working system is automatically cut off, the equipment is stopped, and an audible prompt is issued to ensure the safety of the equipment and personnel.

Fourth, technical indicators
4.1. Model: KS-S03A (rectangular box, as shown in the figure above)
4.2. Studio size: W1130mm×H400mm×D500mm (width×high×depth)
4.3. Outer box room size: W1300mm×H1400mm×D700mm (width×high×depth)
4.4.◎Inner tank material: SUS stainless steel plate
◎Shell material: SUS stainless steel plate or cold-rolled steel plate nanotechnology paint
4.5. Temperature range: RT+10℃~70℃
4.6. Temperature uniformity: ±3℃
4.7. Temperature fluctuation degree: ±0.5℃
4.8. Humidity range: ≥75%RH
4.9. The distance between the lamp and the product: adjustable (up to 450mm)
4.10. The distance between the specimen and the nearest parallel surface of the lamp surface: about 100mm
4.11. Wavelength range: UV-A wavelength range is 315~400nm
4.12. Radiation intensity: 1.2W/m2/340nm
4.13. Temperature resolution: 0.1℃
4.14. Water spray: 0.8MM spray hole, 8 nozzles
4.15. Ultraviolet lamp: UVA-340(KESIONOTS)
4.16. Illumination temperature range: 50℃~70℃/Temperature tolerance is ±3℃
4.17. Condensing temperature range: 40℃~60℃/Temperature tolerance is ±3℃
4.18. Blackboard thermometer measuring range: 30~80℃/tolerance is ±1℃
4.19. Temperature control method: PID self-tuning temperature control method
4.20. Humidity range: about 45%~70%R.H (light state)/98% or more (condensation state)
4.21. Compliance with standards: GB/T 14522-93 National Standard of the People's Republic of China "Plastic, Coating, Rubber Material, Artificial Weather Accelerated Test Method for Machinery Industrial Products" ASTMG154, GBT16422.3, GBT14522, GBT5170.9, GBT16776 and other standard applications Wide range of industries
4.22. Power supply: AC 220V 50HZ 4.5KW

V. Test equipment
5.1. The structure of the test box is made of corrosion-resistant metal materials, including 8 fluorescent UV lamps, a water pan, a test sample rack, temperature and time control systems and indicators.
5.2. The lamp power is 40W, and the lamp length is 1200mm. The uniform working area of ​​the test box is 900×210mm.
5.3. The lights are installed in a row of four, divided into two rows, the tubes of each row of lights are installed in parallel, and the center distance of the lights is 70 mm.
5.4. The test sample is fixedly installed at a position 50 mm away from the nearest parallel surface of the lamp surface. The test sample and its bracket constitute the inner wall of the box, and their backs are exposed to the cooling air at room temperature. Due to the temperature difference between the test sample and the air in the box . In order to produce stable condensation conditions during the condensation stage on the surface of the test sample, the test box should generate natural air convection from the bottom through the outer wall of the box and the channel of the test sample.
5.5. The water vapor is generated by the low water tray of the heating box, the water depth is not more than 25mm, and there is an automatic water supply controller. The water tray should be cleaned regularly to prevent the formation of scale.
5.6. The temperature of the test chamber is measured by a sensor fixed with a width of 75 mm, a height of 100 mm, and a thickness of 2.5 mm. The black aluminum plate (blackboard) should be placed in the central area of ​​the exposure test. The measuring range of the thermometer is 30~ 80℃, the tolerance is ±1℃. The light and condensation stage should be controlled separately, and the condensation stage is controlled by the heating water temperature.
5.7. The test box should be placed in a test room with a temperature of 15~35℃, 300mm away from the wall, and should be prevented from being affected by other heat sources. The air in the test room should not circulate strongly, so as not to affect the light and condensation conditions.

VI. Test conditions
6.1. The test sample fixing device is on the test rack, facing the fluorescent lamp. When the sample does not fill the sample rack, you need to fill the sample rack with a blackboard to keep the inner wall of the test box closed.
6.2. Test temperature. Three temperatures of 50, 60, 70°C can be used for illumination, and 60°C is preferred; the temperature in the condensation stage is 50°C, and the temperature tolerance uniformity is ±3°C.
6.3. The cycle of each condensation of illumination can choose 4H illumination, 4H condensation or 8H illumination, 4H condensation two cycles.
After the first 400-450 hours of light, each row of tubes needs to be replaced with a fluorescent lamp, and other tubes should compensate for the loss caused by the aging of the tubes according to the lamp cycle and replacement method. This mode of operation ensures that the service life of each lamp tube is between 1600 and 1800H.
6.4. When replacing the lamp, the water pan should be wiped dry and cleaned to avoid the formation of scale.

Seven, test samples and performance evaluation
7.1. Appearance evaluation: The paint is mainly the appearance evaluation. Plastic and rubber can also be evaluated when necessary. The inspection items are mainly gloss, color change, chalking, spots, and blistering. , Cracks and dimensional stability, etc. Instruments should be used as far as possible for quantitative item testing, such as gloss and color difference meters.
7.2. Evaluation of mechanics and other properties: general rubber materials are subjected to tensile strength, elongation, hardness measurement, plastic measurement impact strength, elongation at break, tensile strength, bending strength, and other performance test items can be specified if necessary.
8. Safety precautions:
8.1. Frequent exposure of human eyes and skin to ultraviolet rays can cause burns or other changes, and ozone is generated when the UV lamp is ignited. High concentrations of ozone can cause headaches, chest tightness and other discomforts. In order to prevent the occurrence of the above phenomena, it should be Pay attention to site ventilation and wearing protective equipment.
8.2. To ensure the safety of the equipment, please install an external protection mechanism and supply power according to the product nameplate requirements.
8.3. The equipment is strictly prohibited to be used for testing of flammable, explosive, toxic, and highly corrosive materials.
8.4. Non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble or repair.
8.5. The equipment should be reliably grounded. If the equipment fails, parts need to be replaced. Please replace parts with the same model and specifications.
8.6. It is strictly forbidden to open the door of the test chamber during the test.

Nine, use environment:
9.1. Temperature: 15~25℃
9.2. Atmospheric pressure: 86~106Kpa
9.3. There is no strong vibration around;
9.4. No direct sunlight or other heat source radiation;
9.5. There is no strong air flow. When the surrounding air needs to flow forcibly, the air flow should not be directly blown onto the box;
9.6. No strong electromagnetic field influence;
9.7. No high-concentration dust and corrosive substances.
9.8. In order to ensure the normal operation and convenient operation of the equipment, in addition to maintaining the horizontal placement, a space of 60 cm should be reserved between the equipment and the wall or utensils for operation, maintenance, and ventilation.

Ten, Sample rack:

Eleven, Equipment analysis chart


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