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RCA Paper Tape Abrasion Tester

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1. Technical parameters
1. Weight load: 55g/175g/275g adjustable (standard load: 175g)
2. Paper tape specification: 11/16”
3. Length of paper tape: 250m
4. Friction times: 0-99999999 times adjustable
5. Friction speed: 17 revolutions/min(±1 revolution)
6. Standard power supply: AC220V

2. Scope and characteristics of application
1. Friction test of spray coating on the surface of mobile phone, notebook computer, telephone, PDA, MP3, CD player and various plastic shells;
2. Friction resistance test of silk screen on the surface of silicone rubber products;
3. After surface treatment such as electroplating, water plating, vacuum plating product surface friction coefficient test, etc.;
4. The company's unique design is a dual-motor dual-count display model;
5. Digital display counter: It has the function of preset times, and it will automatically stop when the preset value is reached; and it has the characteristics of power-off memory function;
6. Mechanical counter: It can be used for accumulative friction times, and can remind users to replace the friction ring in time after the number of times is reached.

Three, standard accessories
Wrench tool, magnifying glass, one spare 55g weight, two fixing clips, three O-rings, one roll of paper tape
1. Matters needing attention in the test:
1) The storage conditions of the paper tape and the temperature and humidity of the experiment site should be controlled within a certain range (it is recommended to store it in a moisture-proof box). Temperature range: 2 3±2℃, humidity range: 50±10%
2) Is the cross-section of the O-ring of the testing instrument still round, or has it become flat, hard, or cracked, or has it been used for more than 6 months? If the following 4 situations occur, please replace the O-ring and test
3) The round roller where the O-ring is located needs to be cleaned daily. If it is not cleaned in time, the round shaft may not be able to spin freely.
4) RCA paper tape can only be used once, because the abrasion of the paper tape will change after one use. Please use the original American NORMAN paper tape: the error of the test is allowed within 5%-10%
2. Origin of special paper tape for friction testing machine: NORMAN, USA

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