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A manufacturer with many years of research and development, design and production of environmental testing machines, with strong experience and cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign companies, products are exported to many countries and regions in the world.

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Alcohol abrasion test machine

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The multifunctional abrasion tester is suitable for the screen printing of TV remote control buttons, plastics, mobile phone shells, earphone shells, battery screens, keyboard printing, wire screens, leather and other electronic product surfaces. Printed bodies such as oil spray and silk screen are made wear-resistant, and their wear-resistant degree is evaluated. This machine can perform three typical wear resistance tests of alcohol or other liquid media and cotton cloth friction test, eraser friction test, and pencil hardness friction test. This machine uses the friction hammer to test the product back and forth under a certain test load, test times, and test stroke.

Product parameters:
1. Test station: two
2. Test load: 50~1000g
3. Test stroke: 10~60mm (manually adjustable)
4. Test speed: 5~60 times/min (knob adjustment, LCD display)
5. Test counter: 0~99999999 times (can be preset, LCD display)
6. Load weight: two each for 50, 100, 200, 500g
7. Friction medium: standard cotton cloth, two Zhonghua 2B pencils
8. Alcohol or other liquid friction tools: two
9. Rubber sassafras friction tool: two
10. Pencil rubbing tools: two
11. Machine size (L×W×H): 500×450×600mm
12. Power supply: AC220V, 50HZ

Product features:
1. The box body is treated with electrostatic paint, and the work surface and friction jigs are all made of aluminum surface sandblasting
It has strong corrosion resistance, tight structure, reasonable design, beautiful appearance and safe operation.
Complete, stable and accurate;
2. The number of tests can be preset, with power-off memory function, test speed and stroke adjustable, humanized design,
Speed ​​and frequency LCD display, convenient, fast and intuitive;
3. With multi-function test, it can be used for alcohol or other liquids, cotton cloth, eraser, pencil, steel needle
Various friction tests.


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