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A manufacturer with many years of research and development, design and production of environmental testing machines, with strong experience and cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign companies, products are exported to many countries and regions in the world.

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Universal tensile testing machine

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I. Product introduction
Computer tensile testing machine is mainly used for stretching, compressing, bending, shearing, and Mechanical properties test of tearing, peeling, cycling, etc. It is widely used in material inspection and analysis in industries such as factories and mines, quality supervision, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wires and cables, rubber and plastics, textiles, construction and building materials, and home appliances.
The design of the host computer and auxiliary equipment of the computer tensile testing machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, convenient operation, stable and reliable performance. The computer control system controls the rotation of the servo motor through the DC speed control system, and then decelerates through the deceleration system. The high-precision screw pair drives the moving beam to rise and fall to complete the tensile test of the sample. The series of products are pollution-free , Low noise, high efficiency, has a very wide speed range and beam moving distance. Equipped with a wide range of auxiliary tools, it has very broad application prospects in metal and non-metal mechanical performance tests. The machine is suitable for various test fields such as quality supervision, teaching and scientific research, aerospace, steel metallurgy, automobiles, rubber and plastics, woven materials and so on.

2. Main technical parameters
1. Maximum test force: 5000KG
2. Accuracy level: 0.5 level
3. Load measurement range: 0.2%—100%FS;
4. Allowable error limit of test force indication: within ±1% of indicated value
5. Resolution of test force indication: 1/±300000
6. Deformation measurement range: 0.2%—100%FS
7. Deformation indication error limit: within ±0.50% of indication
8. Deformation resolution: 1/60000 of the maximum deformation
9. Error limit of displacement indication: within ±0.5% of indication
10. Displacement resolution: 0.05µm
11. Force control rate adjustment range: 0.01-10%FS/S
12. Rate control accuracy: within ±1% of the set value
13. Deformation rate adjustment range: 0.02—5%FS/S
14. Deformation rate control accuracy: within ±1% of the set value,
15. Adjustment range of displacement speed: 0.5—500mm/min
16. Displacement rate control accuracy: when the rate is ≥0.1≤50mm/min, within ±0.1% of the set value;
17. Constant force, constant deformation and constant displacement control range: 0.5%-100%FS;
18. Constant force, constant deformation and constant displacement control accuracy: when the setting value is ≥10%FS, the setting value is within ±0.1%; when the setting value is <10%FS, the setting value is ±1 Within %
19. Repeated stretching accuracy: ±1%
20. Effective stretching distance: 1000mm
21. Matching fixture: a set of metal tensile fixture
22. Power supply: 220V 50HZ

3. Control and data processing software features
1. Advanced chip integration technology and professionally designed data acquisition and amplification system have the advantages of high integration, stability and reliability, and convenient use. The control software can automatically obtain the tensile strength, bending strength, yield strength, fracture strength, elastic modulus, elongation and other testing data. The open formula editing can automatically calculate the force, stress, and displacement at any specified point during the test. , Deformation and other data results. The control and data processing of the test process meet the requirements of the corresponding national standards for metallic and non-metallic materials.
2. Control mode: constant speed, positioning shift, constant load, constant load increase rate, constant stress, constant stress increase rate, constant strain, constant strain increase rate and other control methods are optional;
3. The universal testing machine comes with automatic zeroing and after the test starts, the measuring system will automatically adjust the zeroing;
4. Automatic gear shift: automatically switch to the appropriate range according to the load size to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data;
5. Automatic saving: test data and test conditions are automatically saved to avoid data loss caused by forgetting to save;
6. Batch test: For samples with the same parameters, a batch of tests can be completed in sequence after one setting;
7. Display mode: data and curve are dynamically displayed along with the test process;
8. Curve traversal: After the test is completed, the curve can be re-analyzed, and the data corresponding to each point on the test curve can be found with the mouse;
9. Curve selection: You can choose stress-strain, force-displacement, force-time, displacement-time and other curves for display and printing;
10. Unit switching: force unit: (g, kg, N, lb), stress unit: (kg/mm2, N/mm2, Mpa, lbf/in2) displacement unit: (m, mm, in);
11. Test report: The test report can be programmed and printed in the format required by the user, and the EXCEL file can be exported.
12. Safety protection: when the maximum load exceeds 2~10%, safety protection is automatically realized;
13. It can automatically detect and calculate the mechanical performance indicators of the sample, and it can also manually intervene in the analysis process to modify the automatic analysis results according to the requirements of the relevant standards to improve the accuracy of the data.


4. Random standard accessories
1. Double load cell: imported LOCD2T; high-precision load cell
2. Displacement sensing system: a set of Japanese photoelectric encoders for sensing full displacement encoders;
3. Data acquisition card: a TM2000 64-bit closed-loop measurement control board;
4. Test software: TM2018 English/Chinese/Traditional three-in-one measurement control system;
5. Power system: a set of imported AC servo motor and control drive system;
6. Transmission system: Taiwan planetary gearbox and a set of Taiwan ABBA precision ball screw;
7. A set of metal stretching fixture


Random delivery:
1. A computer dedicated for data analysis
2. Test report output: one printer.

5. Performance characteristics:
1. Excellent appearance design. Our company has been paying great attention to the appearance of products for many years, and has developed many products that are comparable to foreign models. The surfaces are all electrostatic spray patterns;
2. Key components. Adopt international famous brands, such as: Panasonic servo system, Taiwan Taibang servo system, etc., and German nano-control photoelectric encoder, etc.
3. The arc tooth type synchronous belt deceleration system has the advantages of high efficiency, long life, low noise and maintenance-free. At present, many domestic counterparts continue to use worm gear reducers. The main reason is that their servo system still adopts analog speed control method. Due to the inherent zero drift and imbalance of analog control, absolute zero speed cannot be achieved, so the self-locking effect of worm gear and worm must be used to stop. And what we use is the pure digital phase-locked loop position pulse control mode without zero drift and no offset.
4. Loaded with high-precision ball screw, stable loading, long life of the testing machine, good long-term stability and energy saving.
5. A variety of protection measures. Such as: various electrical protections in the power link, software overload, over-displacement protection, mechanical mandatory safety limit protection, etc.
6. Simple, reliable and powerful user interface.

6. Operating system



Seven. Curve analysis graph during the test

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