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Brain Servo System Carton Compression Tester

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I. Product description
The machine adopts imported high-precision wrapping sensor to sense, test the resistance value and display it directly. The most direct equipment for testing the compressive strength of containers made of cartons or other materials. Used to determine the carrying capacity and stacking height of the carton. It is suitable for compressive and holding pressure tests of various packaging bodies and cartons. The results of the test can be used as an important reference for the height of the finished product packaging boxes in the factory or an important basis for designing packaging boxes.

2. Meet the standards
GB/T4857.4, GB/T4857.16, ISO2872, ASTM, D642, GB/T16491, TAPPI-T804, JIS-Z0212 and other standard requirements.

3. Product specifications
1. Capacity selection: 2T,
2. Unit switch kg, N, 1b switch
3. Load resolution: 1/20,0000
4. Load accuracy: ±: within 0.5%
5. Test space: length * width * height 2100*1800*1200mm
6. Machine size: length * width * height 2100*2600*1900mm
7. Control system: AC servo gear motor
8. Induction method: high-precision load cell
9. Display: computer screen display
10. Stroke: 1200mm
11. Test speed: 1-500 can be adjusted (standard color speed 12.7mm/min)
12. Return speed: 1-500 can be adjusted with holding pressure function (holding pressure time/weight can be set)
13. Weight: about 1200kg
14. Power supply: AC 380V, 5.7A

4. System description
Power system: servo motor + servo drive + worm gear reducer + ball screw
Control system: use Pulse Command control method to make the control more precise
Speed ​​control range: 1-500mm/min (speed can be adjusted) automatically return to the origin and automatically store after the test.
Data transmission method: RS232 transmission
Display mode: TM2101+WIN-XP test software computer screen display. The luxurious test interface software can realize constant speed, positioning shift, constant load control mode plus multi-level control mode to meet various test requirements.
Test space: length about: 1200mm; test width about 1200 mm; joint board walking space: 1500 mm (customized specifications)
Full displacement: Encoder 2800 P/R, 4 times higher accuracy, using LINE DRIVE encoder with strong anti-interference ability. Displacement resolution 0.0001mm. Safety device: overload emergency stop device, upper and lower stroke limit device, leakage automatic power-off system, automatic interruption point shutdown function.
Software function introduction of computerized carton compression testing machine:
A. Test standard modularization function: provide users with the test standard settings required by the application, the scope covers GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS,
BS… etc. Test standard specification.
B. Sample data: Provide users with setting all sample data, and enter the data once and reuse it forever. The formula can be modified by itself to improve the compatibility of the test data.
C. Double report editing: completely open user editing report for testers to choose their favorite report format (the test program adds built-in word
The report editing function extends the format of a single professional report in the past)
D. Each length, power unit, and display bit number adopt dynamic interchange mode, power unit T, Kg, N, KN, g, lb, deformation unit mm, cm, inch.
E. The graph curve scale automatically optimizes Auto Scale, so that the graph can be displayed at the best scale. And the graphics can be dynamically switched in real time during the test. With load-displacement, load-time, displacement-time, stress-strain load-2 point extension diagram, and multi-curve comparison.
F. The test result can be output in word format. Data backup: test data can be saved in any hard disk partition.
G. Random switching of multiple languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English.
H. Power amplification bit rate: no segment I. Computer terminal acquisition frequency: 200times/sec
J. Signal transmission method: USBK. The software has a demonstration function of historical test data.

5. Computerized carton compression testing machine software operation guide (computer operation interface)

6. Description of some functions of the system

Load zero value: when the force value is less than this value, it is considered to be 0, which can prevent zero drift when no load is loaded;
Displacement coefficient: this value is the displacement value corresponding to every 250 pulses of the rotary encoder
Maximum speed: limits the maximum speed that the user can operate;
Minimum speed: limits the minimum speed that the user can operate;
Breaking points: when the material is judged to be broken, it is possible that the curve will have "tailing phenomenon", remove the number of points to remove the "smearing", the general value range is 0-20; filter points: the force Value is the number of points for software filtering. The more points, the smoother the force curve will be, but the response speed will be correspondingly slower. The general value range is 3~50;

7. Main configuration
1. The main configuration of the test machine:
Computer + Printer
One test machine host.
1 pair of high precision ball screw (Picture 1).
1 set of variable frequency motor and variable assembly system (Picture 2)
4 2T load sensors
Chinese under Windows XP platform



1 set of professional test software (Figure 3)


2. One set of testing machine control system (Figure 3)
The selection of a fully digital multi-closed-loop material testing machine measurement system can realize closed-loop control of displacement, stress, strain, etc., and smooth conversion between them without impact.

Eight, performance characteristics
1. The maximum sampling rate is 200 complete data per second.
2. All data of all channels are saved for more analysis.
3. You can optionally print/display the existing sample curve. (All, single, any N)
4. During a sample running, it can be paused and then resumed.
5. The test curve can be zoomed in/shifted/read multiple times, and the zoom can be set manually.
6. The settings of important parameters are password protected.

Nine, part of the operating interface of the computerized carton compression testing machine




Main industry cooperative customers

Serial number Company name Industry
00 Guangdong Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Bureau Quality Supervision, Inspection and Inspection Center
01 Guangdong Shunde Innovation and Technology Testing Technology Co., Ltd. Third-party testing center
02 Vivo Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. Mobile phone 3C electronic product industry
03 Qingdao Haier Group Large-scale walk-in constant temperature and humidity test room, testing finished washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and other household appliances and household appliances industry
04 Shandong Jingdao Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Semiconductor industry
05 Yixun (Zhuhai) Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (NVC Lighting), (Dehao Runda) Electrical lighting industry
06 Zhongshan Oulang Metal Products Co., Ltd. Holden Smart Lock Industry
07 Guangdong Langdi Greente Electric Co., Ltd. Midea supplier
08 Foshan Lehua Ceramics Co., Ltd. Ceramic Home Furnishing Industry
09 Longkou Junfulong Plastic Co., Ltd. For “Haier” supplier, plastic industry
10 Anhui Tiankaiguang Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Optical communications, optical cables, wires, cables, optical fibers, optoelectronics, etc.
11 Yixun (Zhuhai) Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Electrical lighting industry


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