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A manufacturer with many years of research and development, design and production of environmental testing machines, with strong experience and cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign companies, products are exported to many countries and regions in the world.

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Vertical electromagnetic vibration test bench

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I. Product description
Electromagnetic vibration table (testing machine) is widely used in industries such as national defense, aviation, aerospace, communications, electronics, automobiles, motorcycles, and home appliances. This type of equipment is suitable for detecting early failures, especially for detecting false welding and false welding of electronic products, simulating actual working conditions and structural strength tests. This series of products have a wide range of applications, a wide range of applications, and the test results are remarkable and reliable.
Refer to American and European transportation standards: EN, ANSI, UL, ASTM, ISTA International, JJG948-1999, GBT2423.10-1995 

2. Name and Specification
1. Model: KS-P19
2. Vertical electromagnetic vibration test bench (touch screen control)
3. The size of the vibrating table: 750X750mm (one body);
4. Vibration direction: vertical
5. Maximum load: 100KG;
6. Frequency range: 1—200HZ;
7. Frequency modulation range: 1-200HZ frequency range can be adjusted arbitrarily;
8. Sweep frequency range: 1—200HZ (after setting the upper limit frequency, lower limit frequency and time range arbitrarily, the machine will sweep back and forth within the set frequency range: for example, set the upper limit frequency to 60HZ and the lower limit frequency to 10HZ, Set the time to 1min, the machine will sweep back and forth between 10-60HZ and then 60-10HZ);
9. Amplitude (no load): 0—5mm; (The amplitude at any frequency is different, and the amplitude can be adjusted. Within the sweep frequency range, the amplitude will change with the change of frequency)
10. Time control: in seconds (maximum 99H99M);
11. Vibration machine power: 2.2KW;
12. Power supply voltage: 220V±10﹪;
13. Maximum current: 5A;

3. Test machine function
1. The test table is made of aluminum plate, precision processed, ultra-quiet;
2. The use of frequency converter + independent research and development of measurement and control system control makes the equipment work more stable and reliable;
3. The electric control box adopts a vertical box with beautiful structure, good stability and convenient operation;
4. Sweep frequency and fixed frequency, frequency modulation operation mode, time control, adapt to the test requirements of different industries
5. Strong anti-magnetic and anti-interference ability
6. Safe and reliable protection function
7. Functions: multiple functions such as frequency modulation, sweep frequency, frequency multiplication, programmable, amplitude modulation, time control, etc.

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