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Three-axis electromagnetic vibration test bench

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I. Product introduction
KS-SZ1619 series electromagnetic vibrating table is widely used in product design, research and development, and manufacturing processes of various industries such as auto parts, instrumentation, toys, etc., to simulate the collision and vibration of products during transportation and use, and to detect the actual working conditions of products And structural strength.

2. Product Features
-Using brand high-sensitivity touch color LCD display, direct touch option
-Intuitive and simple test parameter setting
-Timely display the current running program, the remaining time and the number of cycles
-Timely display the current vibration frequency, draw frequency curve function

3. Real-time operation interface


4. Test Standards
ISO 2247 packaging. Full transport packaging and unit cargo. Fixed low frequency vibration test
ISO 13355 Packaging-Complete, Filled Transport Packaging and Unit Load-Vertical Arbitrary Vibration Test
IEC 60068 Basic Environmental Test Regulations
ASTM D999 Test Method for Vibration Test of Shipping Container
ASTM D4728 Random Vibration Test Method for Shipping Container
ASTM D3580 product vibration test (vertical linear motion) standard
GB/T 4857 Package Transport package basic test
GB/T 2423 Environmental testing of electrical and electronic products

5. Specifications

Product model KS-SZ1619
Approximate outer body size L*H*W750×610×750mm
Table size 750*750*10
Vibration direction Vertical (up and down) + horizontal + left and right
Maximum test load 80KG
FM function Any frequency can be adjusted within the frequency range
Vibration frequency 1~400HZ can be set
Programmable function (0.01Hz) 32 segments can be arbitrarily set for each segment (frequency 600) can be cycled
Frequency multiplication function (0.01Hz) 32 segments increase in multiples ① low to high frequency ② high to low frequency ③ low to high to low frequency / cyclic
Vibration machine power 2.5 (KW)
Amplitude (adjustable range mmp-p) 0 ~ 8mm
Vibration waveform Sine wave
Time control Time can be set (hours, minutes, and seconds can reach 99.99)
Frequency control Any number of cyclic vibrations can be set (XYZ free exchange vibration without manual)
Control method Touch screen + computer control
Precision The frequency can be displayed to 0.01Hz, and the precision is 0.1Hz

 Note: If the control system is not controlled by software, it can also perform fixed-frequency and sweep-frequency operation.
1. Functions: sine wave, frequency modulation, frequency sweep, programmable, frequency multiplication, logarithm, amplitude modulation, maximum acceleration (calculation required), time control,


6. Instrument features
Computer + touch screen control, three directions can be cyclically vibrated, or each direction can be vibrated separately
1. Using the most advanced programmable technology, the program can be set, and the multi-segment frequency sweep can work at the same time. It has single-point, segment, and multi-segment time timing and countdown functions.
2. Imported frequency controller, digital control and display frequency, PID adjustment function, make the equipment work more stable and reliable
3. The control parameters are displayed synchronously in real time and can be switched at any time without manual intervention.
4. Accurately achieve the controllable effect, and can predict the control curve chart
5. Precise design and manufacture, one-piece vertical and horizontal workbench body, exquisite appearance, ultra-quiet work
6. The base of the machine adopts a vibration-proof device, which is easy to install and runs smoothly. There is no need to install foot fixing screws.
7. Built-in amplitude prediction program and easy amplitude modulation
Synchronous excitation at 8.9 points, uniform table vibration
9. Stepless adjustment of amplitude, fixed frequency and sweep frequency operation functions to adapt to various test requirements of different industries
10. Increase the anti-interference circuit to solve the interference of the control circuit due to strong electromagnetic field
11. Increase the working time setter to make the test product meet the better test requirements

7. Random configuration

Computer printer Without
Touch screen One
Fixture 4 special rings, 2 telescopic straps
Tools A set of random tools
Information Test machine instruction manual, factory inspection certificate, warranty certificate


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