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A manufacturer with many years of research and development, design and production of environmental testing machines, with strong experience and cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign companies, products are exported to many countries and regions in the world.

Export-type high and low temperature test chamber
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Export-type high and low temperature test chamber

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 Description of the basic functions of the device:

High and low temperature wet heat alternation test chamber For testing the heat resistance of various materials at high temperatures, resistance to moisture and low temperature performance. Suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, mobile phones, communications, instrumentation, vehicles, plastic products, metals, food, chemistry, building materials, medical, aerospace and other products for testing quality.

one. Standards apply:

GJB150.5 ;GJB150. 4;GJB150. 3 ;MIL-STD-883; GB2423.2

Test method: GB/T 2423.1-2008 Test A: Low temperature test method

      GB/T 2423.2-2008 Test B: High temperature test method

      GB/T 2423.3-2016 Test Cab: Constant Wet Heat Test

      GB/T 2423.4-2008 Test DB: Interchange Wet Heat (12h-12h cycle)

      GB/T2423.22-2012 Temperature Change Test Method Test Nb

      GJB150.3A-2009 High Temperature Test

      GJB150.4A-2016 Cryogenic Test

GR 1221-core optical communication test

       GJB1032-90 Electronic products environmental stress screening test method

Manufacturing standard: GB/T10589-2008 low temperature test chamber technical conditions

      GB/T11158-2008 High temperature test chamber technical conditions

      GB T5170.1-2016 General Rules for the Testing of Environmental Test Equipment in the Electrical and Electronics Industry

GB/T5170.2-2017 Wet heat test equipment inspection method temperature test equipment

      GB-T5170.5-2008 Electrical and electronic products environmental test equipment test method wet heat test equipment

Test method:GB/T 5170

Third, the characteristics of the control system

This machine uses: TH-1200C programmable 7 inch LCD color LCD display. System capacity: 120 sets of programs X100 segments, each set of programs required by the number of segments can be arbitrarily divided, each group of programs and can be freely linked to each other. Cycle setting: Each set of running procedures can be executed, 9999 back or numerous cycles repeatedly executed, and at that extent can be divided out of 5 stops to perform an additional part of the cycle. Operating mode: fixed value / program / link and other three modes of operation can meet the various temperature test conditions of the execution.

1. Control mode: intelligent microcomputer PID-SSR/SCR automatic positive and negative two-way synchronization output.

2. Data setting: built-in program directory management, facilitate the establishment of various test names and program data, change, consult or run lines.

3. Curve drawing: data set-up complete can immediately obtain the relevant data set curve, in operation can also be informed of the actual operation curve drawing picture.

4. Timing control: 2 sets of time series output control interface, with 10 time control modes, can be used by external logic drive components to perform start/stop timing planning.

5. Appointment start- all test conditions can set the function of appointment boot operation.

6. Operation lock: can lock the function conditions of start and stop, to prevent other personnel from touching by mistake and affect the experimental results.

7. Power outage re-return: with power-off memory device and re-start mode 1. BREAK (Disruption) 2.COLD (Cold Start) 3.HOT Hot Machine Start).

8. Safety inspection: built-in 15 full-featured system detection and perception devices to ensure the safe operation of the machine, when the perceived abnormal failure immediately cut off the control power of the machine, and automatically display the failure time, abnormal items and abnormal traceability: can show the historical data of abnormal failure.

9. External protection: an electronic over-temperature protection device independent of the controller.

10. Communication interface: RS-232 standard communication interface device, with personal computer (PC) at the same time online multi-machine control and management

11. Display switch: Chinese/English display subtitles, free to switch.

Ten, electrical components

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