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Three Comprehensive Test Chamber
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Three Comprehensive Test Chamber

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Three integrated test cases


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First, the product overview

This series of comprehensive boxes is suitable for industrial products and components for cold testing, rapid temperature change or gradient conditions of adaptive testing, especially used for electrical, electronic products environmental stress screening (ESS) test, this product has the characteristics of temperature and humidity control accuracy and control range, can also be combined with the vibration table, to meet the corresponding temperature, humidity, vibration three comprehensive test requirements.

Second, to meet the standards

GMW 14834-2013 Speaker Verification and Reliability Test specifications

GB/T 2423.1-2008 Test A: Cryogenic Test Method

GB/T 2423.2-2008 Test B: High temperature test method

GB/T 2423.3 Test Ca: Constant wet heat test

GB/T 2423.4 Test Db: Cross-change wet heat test

GJB 150.3A-2009 High Temperature Test

GJB 150.4A-2009 cryogenic test

GJB 150.9A-2009 wet heat test

GJB 1032-90 Environmental Stress Screening Method for Electronic Products

The standard is enforced

     According to GB2423.1, GB2423.2 "Electrical electronic products environmental test test A: low temperature test method, test B: high temperature test method" for the product low temperature, high temperature test and constant temperature heat test. Products in line with GB2423.1, GB2423.2, GJB150.3, GJB150.4, IEC, MIL standards

:: Control methods and features:

    Balanced temperature control system (BTHC), P.I.D. control SSPR, so that the heating and humidification of the system is equal to the amount of thermal humidity loss, so that long-term and stable use.

Third, product performance

Refers to air-cooled at room temperature of 20 degrees C, or water-cooled water temperature at 25 degrees C, when empty

1, studio size


2, temperature range

-40℃ +150℃

3, temperature fluctuations


4, temperature uniformity


5, the minimum temperature limit


6, heating time

It takesabout 70minutes to rise from -4 0C to 150C (warming up to about 5C/min).

7, cooling time

It takes about 60minutes to lower from.20 degrees C to -40 degrees C(cooling down by about 1degree C/min).

8, humidity range


9, humidity volatility




10, humidity uniformity


11, temperature and humidity control range










12, controller 10 inch large screen real color touch screen, fixed on the front, the operating interface can access data, English words and numbers combined storage

13, memory capacity: can store for more than 1 year

14, optional Ethernet interface and the upper computer communication APP docking

15, the door needs to have a visiting window, that is, there is a door inside, the door has a pick-up window

Fourth, refrigeration / dehumidification system

    Refrigeration system and compressor: In order to ensure the test chamber for cooling rate and minimum temperature requirements, the test box uses a set (2) German BITZER semi-closed compressor composed of a binary complex refrigeration system. The complex system consists of a high-pressure refrigeration cycle and a low-pressed cold cycle, the connection container is an evaporative condenser, the function of the evaporator of the evaporator of the low-pressure cycle as a condenser of the high-pressure cycle.
























The cooling system has a compressor automatic protection system that can be injected into the system to protect the compressor during high temperature cooling. This system self-adjusts the compressor's cooling system.

The compressor has the following advantages:

  Improved lubrication and lower piston temperatures provide greater reliability;

  The streamlined box improves gas management, reduces pressure loss and increases efficiency.

  Multi-valve inhalation provides uniform cylinder cooling to reduce wear;

  The head drain valve provides a continuous minimum drain pipe pulse;

  The new crankcase ventilation system significantly reduces the oil circulation rate;

  SENTRONIC provides a reliable lubrication protection system;

  Multi-observation glass enhances service capability and design adaptability.

    Refrigeration principle: high and low refrigeration cycle is based on the reverse carru cycle, the cycle consists of two isothermal processes and two insulation processes, the process is as follows: refrigerant by compressor insulation compressed to a higher pressure, consumption of the work to increase the exhaust temperature, after which the refrigerant through the condenser and other temperature and surrounding media heat exchange heat exchange to the surrounding media. The refrigerant is insulated and expanded by the interceptor valve, at which point the refrigerant temperature decreases. Finally, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the higher temperature object at temperature, such as the evaporator, so that the temperature of the cooled object is reduced. This cycle goes back and forth to cool down. (see figure below)









Cooling working schematic

A,dehumidification method and working principle: the dehumidification method of this test box uses refrigeration condensation method. The basic principle is to control the surface temperature of the evaporation/dehumidifier of the refrigeration system  below the dew point temperature of the circulating air, so that the water vapor contained in the cooling air is precipitated below the dew point temperature in between to achieve dehumidification purposes.

B, control mode: refrigeration circuit using cold control mode (energy-saving control), test box in low temperature and high temperature constant temperature test, the system as needed to automatically determine the size of the open compressor and cooling adjustment. The cooling power can be precisely controlled and the amount of cooling can be adjusted precisely. Compared to the average energy saving of peer manufacturers about 30%(refrigeration compressor work does not require heater work, refrigeration does not work when heating).

Cooling mode: Air-cooled.

C,the cooling system has a compressor automatic protection system, during the cooling from high temperatures can be injected into the system to protect the compressor. This system self-adjusts the compressor's cooling system.

D, steamer:  fin tube heat exchanger.

E,throttle device: thermal expansion valve, capillary tube.

F, refrigerant: use environmentally friendly refrigerants R404A and R23,ozone index is  0.

G,refrigeration system: the main configuration of imported brand components, with pressure protection and cooling devices, high / low pressure sensors, control screen can be displayed in real time.



H,refrigeration dehumidification system manufacturing process advanced: in the design of refrigeration dehumidification system fully considered the protection measures for compressors, such as compressor return temperature automatic adjustment protection function, this function keeps the operating temperature of the compressor within the normal temperature range, to avoid the compressor too cold or overheated, in order to extend the life of the compressor.

I,in the refrigeration dehumidification system pipe welding using high-quality oxygen-free copper pipe gas protection welding method, this way avoids the traditional welding method caused by oxides in the inner wall of the copper pipe damage to refrigeration system and compressor.

J,vibration reduction measures and noise reduction:

1 Compressor: spring vibration reduction;

2 Refrigeration system: special rubber mat overall secondary vibration reduction, refrigeration system lines by increasing R and elbow to avoid the change of copper pipe caused by vibration and temperature changes, resulting in the refrigeration system line rupture;

3 Refrigeration chassis: Special cellular-shaped silencer sponge sound absorption.
















Structurally important features

The machine has features:

1, housing material: housing . . . 1.2mm steel plate surface spray molding.

2, studio materials: the internal experimental space is composed of the suS304 stainless steel plate after 1.2mm.  The seams are full of welds and do not penetrate steam.

3, thermal insulation material: high fire grade insulation material (glass cotton and polyamine foam plate), with good insulation effect, to ensure that the test box outside the surface, work room wall, outer surface, door seams, seams, lead holes will not appear any frost or condensation phenomenon.  

4, internal lighting:2x 25W low-pressure moisture-proof lighting, control switch on the outside control panel of the box.

5,  observation window: the door is provided with a heating device with tough glass observation window, size 400(W)x500 (H) mm. The box observation window has an electronic heater on the glass surface to prevent condensation and frosting.

6, box door: gate hole net size(mm):750  x 750(W  x high), buried around the observation window and door frame 36V from constant temperature and tropical. The tropical opening can be automatically opened by the equipment according to different operating conditions, ensuring that the door frames and observation windows of the door are not frosted and exposed at low temperatures. The door is open ≥120degrees C.

7, seal: the use of imported high-quality silicone rubber materials, high-temperature, low-temperature aging, not easy to deform, for the sealing of the door and box, to ensure that the studio and outside the box no air convection, that is, no cold / heat exchange.

8, insulation resistance: between the wiring devices, between the terminal and the test box wall insulation resistance is not less than 200 MΩ

9, the internal structure of the box: a single structure, including all the boxes necessary for the operation of the system. The external frame consists of high-quality steel plates with high-quality primers and coatings on the outside.

10, external structure spraying: electrostatic spray plastic, color gray-white.

11,test hole: the left side of the box open 1 lead hole of100 mm, the position of the hole is determined by the user. Lead hole with cover and soft plug.

12,load:load weight of 120kg.

13, drainage system: the bottom of the tank has a sink and drainage holes, to ensure that the drainage is smooth and can drain all water. It can effectively prevent condensate from leaking into the electromagnetic vibratory table.

14, pressure balance system: the box is equipped with a pressure balancing system (device), when the internal pressure of the box is too high or too low, the system will automatically open. When the test box heats up, cools down, and constantly tests, the pressure of the studio is basically the same as that of the outside world. No frosting at low temperatures.

15, internal gas cycle: with stainless steel shaft of the external motor driven by a high-power fan.

16, gas regulation unit:

There is a gas regulation line (air duct) on the back wall of the box. It includes the following components:

- Cooling switch - Heating switch - Humidifying into the line

- Dehumidification evaporator - thermally regulated air recirculation fan - temperature sensor and humidity sensor

  Before entering the test chamber, the heat-regulated air flows into the duo through the various links mentioned above.

17, heating system: nickel-cadmium alloy electronic heater

18, humidification system: low-pressure steam generator with protective electronic heater.

19,humidification water: directly after softening treatment of tap water (equipment with softening water device).

20, dehumidification system: a light tube dehumidification evaporator connected to the cooling system.

21, humidity control:

The test chamber uses a Swedish ROTRONIC capacitive electronic humidity sensor to set and measure relative humidity directly at RH%.  Humidity is regulated by the absolute humidity parameters in the air by the "conversion algorithm" in the control software. This allows for extremely precise control.

22, control board and unit position: box and unit as a whole.

23, noise: 75db, measured in open space, 1 meter before the device.

  1. Safety protection:

    Independent ultra-high and low temperature alarm;

    Fan overheating alarm;

    Fan overcurrent alarm;

    Circulating cooling water shortage alarm;

    Refrigeration compressor overheating alarm;

Refrigeration compressor overpressure / oil shortage alarm;

    Compressor exhaust temperature protection

    Power supply phase absence, phase sequence, super-undervoltage alarm;

Humidifier fault protection;

Leakage, short-circuit protection;

Three-color indicator: the top of the device is equipped with a three-color sound and light alarm, can show the device operation, stop, alarm three states.

Vertical and horizontal vibrations and the connection of the box

1, box / vibrator join the base plate:

A specially removable bottom plate with holes adapts to vertical and horizontal vibrators. There are silicone washers at the interface between this soleplate and the vibratory table. Silicone washers provide a seal between the vibratory table and the soleplate. Special mechanical fixtures to secure the removable base plate to accommodate the box structure.

2, the box bottom plate:

 Three special removable soleplates connect the enclosure:

One is a bottom plate with holes, to do vertical shock vibration when used;( can be extended to do shock collision use. See impact impact station parameters for details

 One is the base plate of the square hole, which is used in conjunction with the horizontal slide;

 A blind plate, not used when vibration.







pavim cieco

Horizontal vibration with the base plate                                           Vertical impact collision vibration with the base plate 




Blind board

Silicone seal washers provide seals between the vibratory table and the base plate, as well as between the sliding base plate and the case.

Special mechanical fixtures to secure the removable base plate to accommodate the box structure.

There is a condensate drain on the bottom plate of the vibratory table to prevent condensate from flowing into the vibratory table.

How to move:

1, moving mode: the test box machine along the track electric way horizontal movement (left and right direction), the bottom of the box equipped with track wheel, can slide on the track, easy to separate the box from the vibrator or use alone.

2, lifting mode: the studio box using electric screw way up and down, that is, when lifting, only the studio lift and the box unit does not move. The cooling pipe between the studio box and the unit uses our company's unique soft connection technology, and the key components are imported products, so the reliability of this soft connection method is quite high.  The application of this technology reduces the weight of the equipment, the overall sense of the equipment is greatly enhanced, and the lift is easy, easy to operate and high reliability.

3, through the studio box up and down and the whole machine left and right movement, can be connected with the vertical expansion table vibration table, horizontal slide connection or in the idle station, and realize the accurate positioning of the three stations.

4, the power cord is a soft wire, can swing distance around not less than 2M


Technical information on the vibration test bench

Scenario Requirements Analysis

According to the user's needs, this scheme uses electric vibration test system to carry out the mechanics environment test of small test pieces and evaluate the reliability of the product.


Recommended system configuration


How thrust is calculated:


Sine thrust Sine (Force p-p)


M0 - The quality of the ring

M1 - Table quality

M2 - Test piece quality

a- Test acceleration value, m/s2





This scheme recommends 6KN thrust vibrator, vertical countertop size of 400x400mm, supporting vibration control instrument and other equipment, in accordance with the relevant standards and product reliability evaluation standards for product testing.

In the actual vibration test, the test piece size is greater than the vibratory table ring countertop size, then the original table needs to be expanded, the common method is to install an auxiliary expansion countertop, in the vertical direction to provide a larger than the dynamic ring installation table. The expansion countertop is made of a lighter magnesium aluminum alloy, which adds less to the overall quality, and the high-quality finishing casting process ensures that the expansion countertop has a better strength-to-weight ratio and better frequency transfer rate.


二、System configuration and specifications

1System configuration

serial number

The name of the device




Electric vibratory table


1 unit


Power amplifier


1 unit


Extend the countertop vertically


1 unit




1 unit


Vibration controller


1 unit


Acceleration sensor


2 only


Desktop computer


1 unit

2System diagram










3, technical specifications

serial number


Product/main specifications



Electric vibratory table

1 unit






Sine thrust

5. 88KN



Impact thrust




Frequency range

53500 Hz



Continuous displacement

51 mm



Maximum speed




Maximum acceleration

981 m/s²



Heat shield

With three comprehensive tests, isolate the heat of the temperature box



The diameter of the ring

200 mm



Allow partial load torque

>300 N•m



The equivalent quality of moving parts

6 kg



Load connection point




Table screw layout

8 at φ100mm,8 at φ160mm,M8



Axial vibration frequency

3 Hz



Maximum load

300 kg



Leaking magnetism




Vertical vibratory table size

870×,660 ×,805 mm(L×W×H,无包装)



The weight of the vibrator

About 990 kg(unpackaged).



Power amplifier

1 unit






Maximum output power

8 kVA



Signal-to-noise ratio

65 dB



Rated output voltage

120 Vrms



Conversion efficiency




System protection

Output overpressure, output overcurrent, amplifier over temperature, vibration table displacement, horizontal slide displacement, cooling system failure, output power undervoltage, power amplifier unit failure, excitation power failure, three-phase power failure



Amplifier size

800×,600×15,60  mm(L×W×H,无包装)



Amplifier weight

350 kg (unpackaged).



Extend the countertop vertically

1 unit






Table size

 400*400 mm




Aluminum alloy



Table weight




Sine upper limit Operating frequency





1 unit






Fan power

4 kW




0.3 m³/s



Wind pressure

0.048 kgf/cm²



The diameter of the duct

120 mm



Fan size




Fan weight

118  kg(unpackaged).



Vibration controller

1 unit






Host hardware

 2 analog  voltage/IEPE/charge/TEDS   input channels with built-in 24-bit  ADC and IEPE constant current sources and charge amplifiersper channel;32-bit floating-point DSP processor;1 analog voltage output channel,24-bit  DAC;shock-proof rugged chassis design with emergency stop button and ground terminal;USB2.0 Communication interface;CE certification



Control the package

Random control: Test bandwidth 1-5000Hz,support multi-channel control strategy, random channel limit(Notching)control, etc




Sine control: test bandwidth 1-5000Hz,including fixed frequency, stepping, sweeping sine, support for multi-channel control strategy, sine channel limit(Notching)control, harmonic distortion measurement



Acceleration sensor

2 only






Host hardware

Sensitivity 30pC/g,frequency 0.5-8kHz,mileage  1500g,weight 28g,top line;



Desktop computer

1 unit







Mainstream configuration



Spare parts

1 set






Spare parts

Fuses, fuses, etc


4, system installation conditions of use

(1) Installation conditions

1, the system-powered three-phase power supply


Voltage value: 380V

Voltage fluctuation range: <10%.

2, the user is equipped with a vibrator system independent use of the three-phase isolation power supply switch

System Complete Power Up to  16KVA

:: Power supply Please use an empty switch and install 1m off the ground

:: Gas source (>0.6mPa) Please use the standard quick connector, install the position 30cm behind the machine, the air pressure source has been

Over-oil moisture off treatment.

3, the foundation

According to the user's site conditions, we issue free foundation design drawings, provide foundation pre-buried parts, and free of charge foundation design guidance. The foundation shall be constructed by the user himself  and shall bear the cost.

In this project, because the user test level is small, the test piece weight is also lighter, so you can not do the foundation.

(2) Use environmental conditions to check

1, the temperature range: 0 degrees C to 40 degrees C;

2, humidity range: 0-90%, not exposed

3, the installation site flat ground, around non-corrosive gas, less dust, preferably with air conditioning.

(iii) Ground line

1, vibration test system must be equipped with laboratory-specific ground wire.

2, ground ground resistance is less than 4 o.

(4) Lifting conditions check

The user should be prepared with the corresponding slings, forklifts, entrance door opening width is greater than the maximum size of the equipment.


Third, the characteristics of the system and advantages













(1) Electric vibratory table features

  1. The system is highly reliable and ideal for long-running working environments
  2. Air spring load support
  3. Rugged ear shaft design with bearing guidance
  4. Built-in airbags or rubber isolation devices reduce dynamic vibration on the ground
  5. Rocker suspension system and roller guide, with a high anti-bias load         torque  
  6. Dual magnetic path structure: compared with single magnetic path, the magnetic field strength is strong, the size of the platform is small, the leakage magnetic leakage is small








  1. Fully sealed structure, strong environmental adaptability, to avoid moisture corrosion, reduce the difference between high and low potential, effectively solve the problem of electrochemical corrosion








  1. Motion ring structure design: using the long-term accumulated design experience more accurate calculation and reasonable distribution of the quality and stiffness of the various parts of the ring skeleton, so that the quality and stiffness of the structure has been more fully utilized, and innovative face transmission angle plate design, significantly improve the dynamic ring skeleton platform facial stiffness.






  1. Drive coil conductive leads: The elastic suspension of the ring is a 2-set tantalum bronze U-shaped stack spring assembly, which is mounted on the upper part of the table, each set of   U-springs consisting of dozens of thin-thicknessed tantalum bronze U-springs.  Because of its high fatigue strength and long working life, we use it as an elastic suspension of the ring, and because of its good conductivity, we use it as a current lead for the driving coil.







  1. Guide structure: the upward guidance of moving parts is guided by composite rollers, the lower guide device uses high-wear, self-centered linear sliding bearing structure developed independently, the guide inner tube is finished with high wear-resistant self-lubricating composite material, and the vibration-absorbing outer barrel assembly is used to provide the adjustment volume of the axis alignment.  










(2) Amplifier features















  1. 8~1000kVA
  2. The DSP-FPGA architecture with advanced digital control strategies












  1. The new power device with IGBT has high pressure resistance, high power, high reliability, high input impedance, low gate drive power, simple drive circuit, fast switching speed, short turn-off time, large safety work area, and is not easy to damage in use. Compared to MOSFET, IGBT has a high current density (typically  10 times the MOSFET), a small on resistance (typically no more than 10%of moSFET's  RDS(on),  and areduced saturation voltage.






  1. It has adaptive center zero adjustment
  2. Switching frequencies up to 150kHz
  3. Wide frequency range (DC to 8kHz)
  4. Automatic mean flow policy, parallel mean flow imbalance < 1%
  5. 3x instantaneous current output for random, impact testing
  6. High conversion efficiency, 95% >
  7. Excellent air-cooled design
  8. Complete interlock protection functions: output overpressure, output overcurrent, amplifier over temperature, vibration table over-displacement, horizontal slide over-displacement, cooling system failure, output power undervoltage, power amplifier unit failure, excitation power failure, three-phase power failure.
  9. The power module is 100% tested for aging
















3) Vibration control instrument advantages

  1. Domestic first product,  with the international mainstream level of digital vibration control instrument, with years of technical accumulation and perfect control technology, the current market installed capacity of more than 5000 units;
  2. Closed-loop control is implemented by the DSP processor, and the PC is independent of the control ring, ensuring that the control system is real-time and efficient
  3. Dynamic range greater than 120dB, 24-bit ADC and DAC, 32-bit floating-point DSP, low noise design process
  4. Random control dynamic range is greater than 90dB
  5. Sine controlled frequency ranges up to 10000Hz and random controlled frequencies up to 20,000Hz
  6. Randomized tests analyze the number of lines up to 6400
  7. 13  categories of controls to help you easily complete a variety of vibration tests
  8. Sine plus random support for broadband outer sines specified by GJB 150A
  9. Up to 20 safety checks and interlocking settings maximize the safety of testers, testware and vibrator equipment
  10. PC software based on Windows operating system, graphical interface, rich windows, cursor types, fonts, colors, etc. can be easily modified
  11. Professional test reports can be automatically generated after the experiment is complete, and the format supports Word, PDF, and direct printing
  12. Price and service advantages, cost-effective system, convenient service in China, and provide perfect technical support;

(4) Vertical expansion of the tabletop features

Our company supplies a wide range of models of standardized vertical expansion, and supports the special customization of customers to meet the customer's needs for vibration table performance expansion. In the actual vibration test, the test piece or fixture is often larger than the electric table ring countertop, then the original table needs to be extended, the common method is to install an auxiliary countertop. In terms of operating frequency, countertop weight, countertop acceleration, amplitude uniformity and lateral motion, there are strict requirements for extending the countertop. The series of extended countertops have undergone finite metamode analysis, and from the structure, materials, production process to ensure product quality.

  1. All expansion countertops are analyzed by finite element and optimized in structure.
  2. High-quality production process to ensure stable performance and good technical indicators.
  3. The structure diagram of the countertop is optimized by finite element analysis.





Fourth, the configuration sheet

serial number

The name of the device










Electric vibration test system




Electric vibratory table




Power amplifier




Extend the countertop vertically








Vibration controller




Acceleration sensor




Desktop computer




Shipping packaging fees




Training, commissioning fees




Spare parts




Foundation design drawings and pre-buried parts




Accessories (user manuals, cables, etc.)







Foundation: The thrust of this vibratory table is small, and there is no horizontal countertop, can not do the foundation, but requires to be placed on the ground, can not be placed overhead layer.



Three Comprehensive Test Chamber
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