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Cold and hot shock test chamber three box series
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Cold and hot shock test chamber three box series

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Hot and cold impact test chamber


Technical scheme and characteristics of hot and cold impact test chamber:

Summary of hot and cold impact test chambers:

Hot and cold impact test machines / temperature shock test machines use: electrical and electronic components, metals, chemical materials, automated components, communications components, defense industry, aerospace industry,BGA,

Ideal test tool for physical changes in PCB substrates, electronic chip ICs,semiconductor ceramics and polymer materials

Technical features of science and technology instruments:

(1) With disk USB recording, no loggers are required.

(2) Refrigerant servo valve flow calculus control  Save 30% of power.  

(3)  High temperature and high humidity testing to prevent dew, drip technology industry leader

(4) Low temperature operating state, heater does not participate in the work, through PWM technology control to adjust the refrigeration unit refrigerant flow and flow, refrigeration pipe, cold bypass pipe, hot bypass pipe three-way flow adjustment, to achieve automatic constant temperature of the studio. This approach reduces energy consumption by 40% at low temperatures

(5) Temperature synchronous lift slope control (IEC68-2-56, 68-2-30),nodrip, no dew.

(6) Refrigeration advantages:  traditional equipment low temperature control methods:refrigeration compressor start-stop control temperature (temperature fluctuations, serious impact on compressor life, phased out technology).

Refrigeration compressor constant operation and heating PID control (causing cooling capacity to offset heating to achieve dynamic temperature balance wastes a lot of power).

New  PWM cold control technology to achieve low temperature energy-saving operation: new PWM cold control technology to achieve low-temperature energy-saving operation

How the temperature impact test chamber is controlled:

Using low temperature and high temperature storage heat storage tank, damPERneeds to be opened according to  theaction, the hot and cold energy in the storage tank is imported into the test tank to achieve rapid temperature impact effect,  balanced temperature control system(BTC)and specially designed air-feeding cycle system to dynamic P.I.D  Control SSR, so that the heat added to the system is equal to the amount of heat loss,  so that long-term and stable use.

Technical parameters:                                                  

1. Product name

Hot and cold impact test chamber

2. Brand and product model


3. Test method

Pneumatic door switch 3 temperature zone, water-cooled

4. Volume and size


4.1  model


















4.2 Size table




Total power KW

Cooling method





The wind is cold





  The wind is cold




























4.3  High temperature zone


Set the range


Warm-up time


The rate of warming

Non-linear empty load, approx. 6.0 degrees C/min

4.4 Temperature impact range in the test area







4.5 Low temperature zone

Set the range


Pre-cooling time


The rate of cooling

Non-linear empty load, approx. 1.5 degrees C/min

4.6 Shock temperature recovery time

≤5min(customizable ≤3min).

4.7 High and low temperature shock constant temperature time


4.8 Temperature impact conditions

High temperature to low temperature, low temperature to high temperature, room temperature to high temperature to room temperature to low temperature, room temperature to low temperature to room temperature to high temperature

4.9 Conversion time

≤10s(that is, when the cylinder is switched on).

4.10 Resolution accuracy


4.11 Temperature volatility


4.12 Temperature deviation


4.13 Compressor selection

□ France Taikang  Germany Bizer German blog American Valley Wheel

6. Performance metrics

6.1 Test environmental conditions

The ambient temperature is .28degrees C, the relative humidity ≤85%,and there are no specimens in the test chamber (unless otherwise noted).

6.2 Test method

6.3 Meet the test criteria


GB/T 2423.1-2001 Test A: Low temperature test method

GB/T 2423.2-2001 Test B: High temperature test method

GB/T 2423.22-2002 Test N: Temperature Change Test Method Test Na

GJB 150.3-1986 High temperature test

GJB 150.4-1986 Cryogenic Test

GJB 150.5-1986 Temperature Impact Test

GJB 150.5A-2009 temperature shock test

GB/T 5170.2-1996 temperature test equipment

GJB 360B-2009 Electronic and Electrical Components Test

TS67-0055 test standard

IEC 60068-2-14-2009 Environmental Test Part 2-14 Test Test N temperature change

6.4 The test case is up to standard

GB/T2424.5-2006 Electrical and Electronic Products Environmental Test Temperature Test Box Performance Confirmation

GB/T5170.2-2008 Electronic electrical products environmental test equipment test equipment inspection method and temperature test equipment

JJF1101-2003 Environmental Test Equipment Temperature Calibration Specification



6.5 Noise

Measured in GB/T14623-2008, noise ≤70dB (the noise detector is measured 1m from the device gate).

7. Structural features Cold-rolled steel plate static double-sided spray molding, color is standard color 1.5MM(four-legged part 2MM).

7.1  Insulation fence structure

(1) Inner wall:SUS304 stainless steel plate thickness 2.0mm
) Base platestructure: SUS304  stainless steel plate fully welded base plate, no welding complete
(3)built-in reinforcements, easy for users to test bracket fixing
(4)Insulation material: hard polyurethane foam and ultra-fine glass fiber
(5)test box sample holder load-bearing capacity: 3 0kg/  plate ( uniform load )
(6) but the total load in the box (the total base plate and sample holder) does not exceed: 100kg

7.2  Test area door

Single door, hinges on the left (when facing the box) 1 set

7.3  Heater

(1) High temperature box: nickel-chrome alloy electric filament heater

(2) Low temperature box: nickel-chrome alloy electric wire heater  

(3) Heater control mode: no contacts and other periodic pulse width,SSR(solid state relay).

7.4  Circulating fan

(1) High temperature exposure: centrifugal 1 unit

(2) Low temperature exposure: centrifugal 1 unit

(3) At room temperature exposure: centrifugal 1 unit

7.5  Drive

The door drive and the test area door locking device ( air pressure drive )

 Cylinders: 2 units each for low temperature / high temperature exposure

7.6  Body structure

(1) Pre-cold storage and cooling area

(2) Warm up the heat storage area,

(3) Test area

Three-part main structure, flip-flop control, box load ≥200 Kg

7.7  Sealing device

Original imported high-quality silicone seal

7.8  Test door observation window

(1)  The case requires a four-layer glass observation window

(2)  Electronic heating on the glass surface with internal heater prevents condensation and frosting of water

7.9  Test chamber inner frame

2 actively  adjustable grille shelves with a single-layer load of not less than 30 Kg

7.10 Lights

The door box contains an efficient longevity Philipp 5W lamp

7.11 Machine casters

Adjust placement and force bolt fixation with universal multi-function sheave movement

7.12 Alarm indicator

Alarm indicator one

8. Refrigeration system


8.1 Refrigerant

High temperature machine:R404A(ozone depletion index is 0)

cryogenic machine:R23(ozone depletion index is 0).

8.2 Condenser

Fin tube air-cooled heat exchanger

8.3 Evaporator

Stainless steel brazing plate heat exchanger

8.4 Throttle unit

Thermal expansion valves, capillary tubes

8.5 Chiller control mode

The control system automatically adjusts the operation of the chiller according to the test conditions,

and has the flow calculation control of the refrigerant servo valve

8.6 Basic circuits

(1) Compressor return cooling circuit

(2)  energy regulation circuit

(3)  Evaporative pressure regulation valve

(4)  The servo controls the snow circuit

(5)  Water flow control valve

9. Electrical control system


9.1 Controller

Japanese hardware, COSCO self-developed software KS-900A

Certified controller to prevent electromagnetic interference(SGS, CE).

Supported languages: Chinese  (traditional, simplified)/English 

9.2 Display system

The TFT10 inch high-resolution true color LCD touch screen interface (850 x 680)is displayed in Both English and Chinese

1, with USB download function, with RS232 interface, curve software, no recorder required

2, with vacuum glass observation window, more effective direct observation function

3, refrigerant servo valve flow calculus control  Save 30% of power, have the function of sleeping in the flow time, save more than 50% energy;

4, the controller anti-electromagnetic interference by SGS certification;   With 32 digital plus soft-range matching, with the first multiple development and software upgrade functions,

5, through the ISO-9001 quality certification (Taiwan , Dongguan and Suzhou).

6, defrost cycle (800 cycle defrosting once, each defrost guaranteed to be within 2 hours, integration test up to 25%energy saving andpower saving).

9.3 Mode of Operation

(1)  Program mode

(2)  Fixed mode

9.4 Program-controlled touch screen

High-precision resistive touch screen


9.5 Input method

3 sets of inputs, support PT100,thermocouple T,K,E, etc

9.6 Output mode

PID-SSR/SCR automatically reverses the two-way synchronization output

9.7 Accuracy

0.1 High-precision sampling at a temperature of0.1degrees C

9.8 Built-in

(1) Oversized storage space, 24 hours in a row to save data for 3 months

(2) Sampled as 1M, it can be stored instead of a computer

9.9 Communication function

Bring your own USB interface to download historical curves, historical data - instead of the recorder to support RS485,LAN(gateway),GPRS(mobile phone) and other means of communication, easy remote monitoring, data collection.

USB features:USB2.0,for recording anddownloading of test run data, with one USB disk (capacity  4G).


A local area network connection between a computer and multiple controllers

9.10 Defrost setting

(1)  The number of times is set automatically

(2)  Set the number of times manually

(3) Defrost frequency satisfaction:300 cycles/time  (in the case of -55to150degrees C).

9.11 Fault alarm function

Chinese and English humanized tips the cause of the fault and the method of troubleshooting, can simultaneously monitor 16 sets of fault alarm and output

9.12 Set-up function

To set automatic or manual energy storage compensation, pre-impact warm-up treatment, pre-cooling protection, can be separate cold or hot flush

9.13 Online features

Provides a robust communication environment and supports 254 multi-branch structures




9.14 Ends in four ways

(1)  Stop after a normal temperature shock

(2)  Stop after frost

(3)  Prepare state, stop directly

(4)  After power recovery: after the power failure can "continue" "re" "stop" set-up selection


9.15 Program storage capacity

(1) Up to 127 programs, extra long runs

(2) 999 hours per segment, up to 32,000 cycles

(3) Each command can be 9999) for 0to99 hours and 59 minutes

(4) When the program is executed, the graph curve can be displayed in real time, showing the content: temperature setting (SV) actual (PV) value,  execution program cycle,  program curve execution function,  segment running time, segment time,  running time, remaining time,  fault state and failure time, program execution has jump file,  maintenance function;


9.16 Smart Screensaver features

(1)  Has a screen saver

(2)  Screen saver time can be set

(3)  The desktop operation password permission settings


9.17 circuit control



10 Safety protection devices



10.1 Refrigeration system

(1)  Compressor overpressure protection

(2)  Compression electromechanical heat overheats

(3)  The compressor motor is overcurrent

(4)  The cooling water supply is under pressure


10.2 Electrical system

(1)  Adjustable overc temperature protection

(2)  Test space temperature fuse

(3)  The air-conditioning channel is over-temperature

(4) Leak short-circuit protector

(5) Total power phase sequential protection

(6) Overload circuit protection

(7)  Load short-circuit protection


11. Standard distribution



13.4 Power supply

Device power supply: (note that test power is not included)

Powered 380V AC (±10%), frequency: 50 ±0.5HZ, three-phase four-wire

The protective ground wire, the ground resistance ≤ 4 o;

Requires the user to configure the corresponding capacity of the equipment at the installation site of the air or power switch, and the switch must be independent for use by the device (recommended power switch capacity:3P-N63A);


13.5 Cooling water conditions

(Water-cooled only).

Water source provided by the user (test box is air-cooled, please ignore this item)

  • User-owned cooling unit (must meet the capacity of this test chamber)
  • 1  additional 10m  head pump   and 1  cooling tower

15 Product structure diagram



16. A diagram of the dissolution of the hot and cold shock of COSCO


The name of the product

Hot and cold impact test machine






The number of slots

Three slots 


1 - High temperature warm-up tank

2 - Test slot

3 - Low temperature warm-up tank



 Temperature media




The way to experiment

The item is still

The gas moves




High temperature warm-up tank temperature range

From 60 degrees C to 200degrees C



Low temperature warm-up tank temperature range

- From 10C to - 50C



The high temperature impact range of the test tank

From 60 degrees C to 150degrees C



The low temperature impact range of the test tank

- 10C to - 40C



High temperature tank warm-up time

From RT (at room temperature of 25 degrees C) to 200degrees C

Approximately 40 minutes



Low temperature tank warm-up time

From RT (at room temperature 25 degrees C) to - 50degrees C

Approximately 50 minutes



Test slot temperature conversion time

From 150degrees C to -  50 degrees C

3-5 minutes



Test tank High and low temperature test time

Minimum 30 minutes



The size of the outer box




Inner box size





Cold and hot shock test chamber three box series
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